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Opened in 2008, The Dirty Dog is one of the premiere destinations in the United States for world class Jazz and cuisine. It combines the charm of an English-style pub with intimacy and meticulous attention to detail and hospitality.
The Dirty Dog brings together the musicians and guests in a way that creates a lasting impression and desire to come back.
December 5, 2017




Learning jazz musicians secrets.


December sweeps in and challenges us all to remain civil and supportive of others. We are inclined to go into our protective mode. We add layers of clothes to protect us from the chill early winter winds and pad ourselves against our inability to get everything done in time. At times like this I try to be around creative people who welcome challenge and confront obstacles as part of their gig. I have noticed that so many relaxed jazz musicians who slide out of the cold and into the Dirty Dog seem thrilled to have this gig added to their busy schedule. This makes me wonder what is it about musicians that they can shake any  anxiety and just get lost in their music.


To play jazz you must carefully listen to one another, and you must be free to focus on the task at hand. Jazz musicians are remarkably good at clearing their heads. It could be that they just know how to enjoy and relish the moment. This allows them to smile their way through December.



Finding time to listen when you  don’t have any time.


Before I went into the hospital for surgery I was afraid that my fears of something tragic happening would rise up and cause me harm. My son Bill sent me a list of calming techniques that would put me me in a good place while I waited for surgery. Lying on the gurney with my mind racing, I wished that I had taken the time to read them. We are at a time of year when things pile up, and we have a very real deadline. Christmas. We are also in a time of needing support and some comforting conversations with some smiles embedded. This is a difficult period with its unspoken demands that this coming holiday season should be a constant joyous celebration of life.



Finding peace while getting all your shopping done


It is called the holiday season because you feel like you have been placed in a fry pan for some seasoning at a low simmer. Everything is stacked against you. Starting in December we will have little sunshine and more darkness and in Michigan we will be guaranteed to have unseasonable weather. We are asked to shop at a time when stocks are running short and the only parking places are at the other end of the mall. Exiting the shopping center your spirits probably won’t be lifted by the gloomy bearded guy at the end of his shift eying with disapproval your donation of what was left in your pocket.




You should be watching your weight and your alcohol consumption exactly when you  need it the most. There will be little solace and understanding drifting your way from the family and friends who don’t really have time, what with all their shopping and getting things ready. Understanding, merriment and glee will be talked about soon enough, probably after Christmas dinner if you live that long.


It is the season for decorating, forgetting, procrastinating, intimating and neglecting.








Break the cycle and take someone with you for a night out for some good food served as if you deserved the best. Top it off by getting lost in some jazz. Each week the Dirty Dog Jazz Café hosts spirit lifting live jazz from the greatest jazz musicians across the country.

John Osler



Stop by for an Aguanko December jazz excelsior that blends hot Latin rhythms with calming Caribbean melodies.   STARTS: Wed, December 06 2017  ENDS: Sat, December 09 2017  



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The Dirty Dog brings together the musicians and guests in a way that creates a lasting impression and desire to come back.
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Each week the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe hosts live performances from the greatest jazz musicians across the country.
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