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November 2, 2017

YJP-DJF Excnange Project


The Detroit Festival Allstars, Rising Stars and Detroit Legends performing in Japan this fall.


L-R: Michael Malis, Chris Collins, Marion Hayden, Rafael Statin, Vincent Chandler, and David Taylor




The highly acclaimed Detroit Jazz Festival All-Stars, Rising Stars and Detroit Legends have a new multi-generational lineup of artists who will be making their debut Nov. 8-11 at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe.  They’re all warmed up as they’re coming off their recent performances in Japan at the Yokohama Jazz Festival and several club dates there as well.




YJP-DJF Excnange Project


Rafael Statin



Led by woodwinds player/composer Chris Collins, who’s also President and Artistic Director of the Detroit Jazz Festival, the band now consists of such impressive Detroit artists as Rafael Statin, powerful saxophonist/multi-woodwinds playing throughout the world, Vincent Chandler, a dynamic, in-demand player on trombone, Michael Malis, talented composer and pianist, Marion Hayden, internationally renowned Detroit Jazz bassist, and David Taylor, prolific and multi-talented Detroit artist on drums.



YJP-DJF Excnange Project


David Taylor


These artists are no strangers to the Detroit Jazz community as they represent a diverse blend of generations, musical backgrounds and styles. This mix of legendary Detroit luminaries and rising stars will be on stage performing original works reflecting the mentor-disciple relationships that are an integral part the Detroit Jazz Festival’s tradition.



YJP-DJF Excnange Project


Marion Hayden




Each October, as part of an ongoing cultural exchange, the Detroit Jazz Festival assembles an all-star ensemble to perform Detroit based Jazz at the Yokohama Jazz Festival and at various Jazz clubs in Japan.  This cultural exchange brings musicians together from both countries.



YJP-DJF Excnange Project


Chris Collins


While in Japan, Chris Collins, who also directs the Jazz Studies program at Wayne State University, selects a Japanese Jazz ensemble from the finalists of the Grand Prix of Yokohama Jazz Competition to travel to Detroit the following year and perform at the Detroit Jazz Festival.



YJP-DJF Excnange Project


Vincent Chandler



In 2018 Detroit Jazz Festival’s audience will experience the traditional swing style of Grand Prix winners: The Asaba Trio. Yokohama is one of Japan’s most important Jazz cities and its Jazz Promenade is one of the country’s largest Jazz festivals. Sound familiar? The city of Detroit and our Jazz Festival share the same reputation!



YJP-DJF Excnange Project


Michael Malis



Check out the newest band line-up in the Detroit Jazz Festival Allstars, Rising Stars and Detroit Legends as they make their homecoming debut at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe this coming week on November 8-11.  For information and reservations go to






Detroit Public Radio mainstay, Judy Adams, is a pianist, composer and musicologist who hosts a Jazz and contemporary music show on CJAM 99.1FM and guest hosts on WRCJ 90.9FM.







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The Dirty Dog brings together the musicians and guests in a way that creates a lasting impression and desire to come back.
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