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December 2, 2019




The saxophone is one of the most significant instruments in Jazz and one of Detroit’s most celebrated saxophonists, Dave McMurray, will be performing at the Dirty Dog Jazz Café, December 4-7.



Mr. McMurray has a diverse background in Jazz, as a composer, bandleader and saxophonist. He is fluent in many diverse styles from R&B and funk to avant-garde Jazz and everything in between.



His shows are usually sold out as he is one of the most popular artists on the Dirty Dog stage. He plays and tours with some of the biggest names in Jazz and popular music. The list is impressive and includes a long list of artists, ranging from The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan to Herbie Hancock, Bootsy Collins,  Rayce Biggs, Don Was and the  esteemed late pianist Geri Allen and many others.



DaveMcMurrayAtDirtyDog Jazz Cafe...

Dave McMurray at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe

Photo: John Osler



He brings this musical diversity to his latest album, “Music is Life”, his seventh release, which came out in 2018 on Blue Note records. Each song is different with compositional elements ranging from Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul and more, clearly reflecting his multi-faceted career.



“Music is Life” contains many of  Dave’s original compositions as well as covers of the White Stripes, the Parliament-Funkadelics, French singer Johnny Halladay, and many others.



The role of the saxophone has changed a bit over the years but it remains a prominent voice in the Jazz idiom and usually leads the band, “front and center”.



No instrument is more identified with Jazz than the saxophone. The saxophone is to Jazz what the banjo is to Bluegrass. Dave McMurray’s playing, composing and arranging reflect the diversity of the instrument as he draws on many styles and periods of Jazz and modern music.



Aside from Jazz and music for marching bands, we can also hear early uses of the saxophone by some definitive 20th century Classical composers such as  George Gershwin, Maurice Ravel, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Aaron Copeland, Leonard Bernstein and others.



A member of the woodwind family, the saxophone is usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. It was invented in 1840 and comes in various shapes and sizes:




Another world renowned Detroit born saxophonist, James Carter, here
with a baritone saxophone:


JamesCarter and Baritone Sax




Don’t miss Dave McMurray at the Dirty Dog,December 4-7. For tickets and information, go to or call 313-882-5299.




Detroit Public Radio mainstay, Judy Adams, is a trained pianist, composer and musicologist who hosts a Jazz and contemporary music show on CJAM 99.1FM and guest hosts on WRCJ 90.9FM.




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The Dirty Dog brings together the musicians and guests in a way that creates a lasting impression and desire to come back.
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